The Smart Contract: How it is Revolutionising the Business World?


Imagine a world where business agreements are automated, executed in near real time and guaranteed to be honoured. That world is no longer the music of the future. Smartcontract technology is revolutionising business processes and, when applied across many industries, is essentially transforming our traditional business model. Smart contracts are actually programs built on blockchain … Read more

Basics of Blockchain Technology: necessary knowledge

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A technology that could revolutionise many industries, including finance, healthcare, logistics and many more, is the promise of blockchain, an innovative technology with a focus on decentralisation, security and transparency. But what is blockchain and how does it work? Why is it important to understand the basics?A blockchain is a public digital ledger in which … Read more

The Future of Cryptocurrencies: disruptive technology or balloons?

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Cryptocurrencies, these rapidly evolving digital tools that are developing before our eyes, raise questions that are not yet clear. Will they be a real technological breakthrough or just a big balloon that will burst sooner or later? Let's see why cryptocurrencies may be worth taking seriously and what challenges they pose. First, let's look at … Read more

Bitcoin gets a new boost: the first leveraged Bitcoin futures ETF enters the market


The latest news in the Bitcoin world is another major development. The Volatility Shares 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITX) has announced that it will launch the market’s first leveraged Bitcoin futures fund in the near future. This move could give a new impetus to the cryptocurrency market and open up new opportunities for investors. An … Read more

Arbistar CEO arrested in Spain, accused of cryptocurrency fraud of more than €92 million


In one of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, the Spanish Audiencia Nacional court has ordered the arrest of Santiago Fuentes, the head of Arbistar, a company being investigated for a massive pyramid scheme fraud involving cryptocurrencies. According to the court, Fuentes was at the top of a fraud network that was “selling … Read more

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Decentralised Money: why is it important?

The world is changing fast, and with it the nature and understanding of our money is changing. Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others have exploded, not only in value but also in their role in the global monetary system. These digital assets are decentralised, meaning there are no centralised entities … Read more