Cobo Argus V2: A giant leap into the world of DeFi!

Cryptocurrency custody company Cobo has made the news with its revolutionary Argus V2 protocol.

A significant milestone for Cobo Argus

Cryptocurrency custody company Cobo has reached a milestone with its Argus protocol.

In just one week after its launch, the value of funds locked up in Argus exceeded $100 million, according to Cobo CEO Discus Fish.

The Argus protocol allows large players such as banks, asset managers and crypto funds to securely store their crypto tokens and participate in decentralised financial (DeFi) activities.

Launch of Argus V2

Cobo launched Argus V2 at the end of June, offering users a range of features including DeFi strategic authorisation and risk management.

Built on a decentralised cryptocurrency wallet known as Safe, V2 supports all open source DeFi protocols. It allows traders to use DeFi bots to earn farming rewards and manage token exchanges.

Benefits of Cobo Argus V2

Cobo Argus V2, an on-chain digital asset management tool, is designed to increase workflow efficiency and enable seamless access to DeFi for organisations.

It is a significant improvement over its predecessor V1, including increased flexibility in role delegation, reduced gas consumption and cleaner multi-sig messages.

Support for DeFi teams

Argus V2 aims to reduce the barriers to DeFi deployment and enable more teams to interact with DeFi protocols with confidence.

It introduces an extended range of DeFi bots, each with unique features.

Users can personalise these bots according to their investment preferences!

Exciting features like automatic withdrawal and automatic deleveraging are on the way.