Sega rethinks GameFi plans because COO says blockchain gaming is “boring”

Sega, the renowned gaming company, is reevaluating its plans for GameFi, with its COO describing blockchain gaming as “boring”.

This came after Sega’s previous commitment to carefully assess play-to-earn gaming models and NFTs to ensure its initiatives in the space were not viewed as merely profit-driven.

Sega’s Stance on Blockchain Gaming

Sega’s reconsideration of its GameFi plans indicates a level of skepticism towards the current state of blockchain gaming. The company’s COO has even gone as far as labeling the sector as “boring”, suggesting that the current offerings in the space may not meet Sega’s standards for engaging and entertaining content.

Implications for the Gaming Industry

This development could have implications for the broader gaming industry, particularly those looking to venture into blockchain gaming. Sega’s skepticism might cause other gaming companies to reassess their own plans in the GameFi space.

The Role of Blockchain in Gaming

Despite Sega’s current stance, blockchain technology continues to make inroads into the gaming industry. The technology’s ability to facilitate ownership of in-game assets through NFTs and enable play-to-earn models has been hailed as a game-changer. However, Sega’s comments highlight that the successful integration of blockchain into gaming requires more than just new technology – it requires creating engaging and enjoyable gaming experiences.


Sega’s reevaluation of its GameFi plans and its COO’s comments about blockchain gaming being “boring” serve as a reminder of the challenges facing the integration of blockchain technology into the gaming industry. Despite the potential of blockchain, creating engaging gaming experiences remains paramount. As the gaming and blockchain industries continue to intersect, maintaining a balance between technological innovation and enjoyable gameplay will be key to success.